Our Sustainability Mission

Carrier Access IT is dedicated to eco-friendly practices that not only drive innovation, but also protect our planet. Through education, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to lead the way in creating a sustainable IT industry.  

Our Social Responsibility Plan

Carrier Access IT has a corporate responsibility to:

  • Utilize waste reduction programs for retiring assets
  • Train our teams on Cisco’s E&S programs and plans
  • Commit to maintaining E&S Certification to stay educated on market best practices
  • Share & educate E&S programs through marketing distribution
  • Train and certify on environmental and sustainability (E&S) practices
  • Collaborate and build partnerships with an E&S focus
  • Distribute E&S information and continuously improve knowledge and practices 
  • Conduct E&S self-practices for asset retirement
  • Promote a hybrid work approach to reduce scope 3 emissions.
  • Enhance the lives of our team members with quarterly education through our wellness programs.
  • Support environmental and social governance programs through annual charitable donations.
  • Engage in takeback & asset management programs, such as Environmental Sustainability at Cisco – Cisco and Asset Management Services | Ingram Micro Lifecycle.

Sustainability Goals

Waste Management

Carrier Access IT is aligned to recycle all end of life assets with local technology recycling organizations quarterly.  We will work to remove up to 1,000 pounds of landfill waste annually with proper recycle management.

Community Engagement

Carrier Access IT offers and encourages employees to participate in volunteer opportunities. CAIT will donate 200+ hours to community E&S initiatives annually through our internal volunteer program.

Education and Training

Carrier Access IT provides annual training to all team members on E&S. We will continuously improve through company and OEM initiatives to bring sustainability and education to the forefront.

Train and Certify

Carrier Access IT will certify in Cisco’s Environmental and Sustainability program on an annual basis and research other certifications that could enhance our mission. 


Join us in our journey towards a greener future!