Optimize user experience while scaling and securing your organization with Public Cloud.

Public clouds are the most common type of cloud computing deployment. The cloud resources are owned and operated by a third-party cloud service provider and delivered over the internet. With a public cloud, all hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure are owned and managed by the cloud provider.

In a public cloud, your business shares the same hardware, storage, and network devices with other organizations or cloud ?tenants,? and you access services and manage your account using a web browser. Public cloud deployments are frequently used to provide web-based email, online office applications, storage, and testing and development environments.

Advantages of Public Cloud:

  • Lower costs - No need to purchase hardware or software, and you pay only for the service you use.
  • No maintenance - Your service provider provides the maintenance.
  • Near-unlimited scalability - On-demand resources are available to meet your business needs.
  • High reliability - A vast network of servers ensures against failure.

Carrier Access IT can design and implement a seamless migration plan to move your resources to the cloud.