Drive innovation and simplicity with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). 

Hyperconvergence was forged from the concept of converged infrastructure, which sought to simplify data center management by repackaging traditional systems such as computing and storage into a single, prebuilt solution.  Rather than repackaging, however, hyperconvergence represents a paradigm shift in both technology and philosophy and its ongoing evolution is defining what's possible for organizations of all shapes and sizes.  A major way hyperconvergence is driving IT innovation is by enabling multicloud environments. As flexibility and scalability needs increase, more organizations are turning to multiple cloud services providers to tackle issues related to networking, security, analytics, and data center management. Hyperconvergence technology is designed to support multiple hypervisors and offer flexible services for multicloud setups.

Carrier Access IT can help you reduce complexity and support your growing list of demands and requirements. A hyper-converged solution can:

  • Deploy at edge locations - Bring the robust feature set of hyperconvergence to your remote or branch office environments with a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, centrally managed solution.
  • Support any application - From traditional enterprise applications to big data and analytics, applications and to virtualized and containerized software, the right hyperconverged infrastructure solution must be able to support a wide set of application deployment models.
  • Integrate with any cloud - As multi-cloud environments become more common, your solution must give you the freedom and flexibility to support multiple hypervisors and deploy your applications in the cloud that makes the most sense.
  • Scale as you grow - The right solution will be able to support your IT needs today and adapt as those needs evolve, providing the simplicity and flexibility to handle any workload and use case.