Prevent, detect and recover from ransomware attacks with Carrier Access IT. 

As enterprises adopt data-driven business models to increase agility, data has become more lucrative for cyberattacks. Even with defense mechanisms in place, ransomware attacks continue to rise and successfully encrypt organizations' data. 

Backups are one of the most, if not the most, important defenses against ransomware. If compromised, however, attackers can use them against you, forcing you to choose between losing your data and paying the ransom.  Businesses should be able to recover quickly and reliably with as little data loss and financial impact as possible. To do so, organizations must first develop a strong ransomware remediation plan.

93% of organizations are attacked every year and it takes on average more than 7 days to recover. The ransomware threat is real, and if you're ready to prepare your organization, then Carrier Access IT can help.