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Internet of Things

The Internet has seen exponential growth over the last thirty years, and that trend will only continue.  Predictions of 50 billion devices (give or take a few billion) connected to the Internet in the next few years are not uncommon.  At home you can connect your fridge, sprinkler system, and television on the network.  At work you can connect your laptop, watch, phone, headset, and vehicle to the network.  Who knows what next year’s fad will be?

As more devices connect to the Internet, businesses will be challenged on several fronts:

  • Security – Almost none of these devices will have access to the anti-virus or IPS/IDS tools that Windows and Macintosh users are accustomed to in this day and age. Many of them have default credentials or shoddy encryption implementations.  Preventing these devices from becoming a foothold into your network will be one of the great challenges of the coming years.
  • Data – In one fashion or another, all these billions of devices will collect or generate data. Storing that data, parsing it, analyzing it, and securing it will require work throughout enterprise IT departments.
  • Device Management – How will businesses manage a staggering number of devices?
Harnessing Opportunities

Carrier Access IT provides the tools to help you turn these challenges into opportunities for your business.

  • Defining an enterprise-wide security architecture can help you prepare for the upcoming deluge of devices
  • A wired and wireless capacity analysis can ensure you won’t be playing catch-up
  • Visibility into your network today can alert you to new IoT devices tomorrow


By 2021 there will be 28 billion connected devices — of which 15 billion are IoT connected devices including M2M devices like meters, sensors and consumer-electronics like wearables.

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