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Keeping data secure and accessible is a concern for all companies. Carrier Access IT is providing solutions for both onsite storage and/or hosted storage to meet customer needs.  We look for storage solutions that are fast, secure and reliable for customers.

Our goal is to sell storage products that have great performance when it comes to accessing and writing data, and is designed with redundancy to eliminate any single point of failure. We also require that within the product that the data is not only secure but can be trusted that it hasn’t been modified.

Cloud Storage Solutions:

For Cloud Storage solution we use products that offer secure, reliable, elasticity, self-service, and intelligent analytics. Providing capacity and performance that expands or contracts according to the customers needs. Along with a self-service portal that allows for advanced analytics to intelligently analyze the data.  And it also must be easy to migrate old and new data from a broad range of sources.

Onsite Storage Solutions:

For Onsite storage we use products that offer fast, secure, reliable and redundant solutions:


  • Reading and writing data to storage must be fast. By using a persistent memory architecture, it allows for a two-tier approach using a performance tier and a capacity tier. We frontend the high capacity HDD or Dense Flash with fast NVDIMM/SSD storage that is what communicates back and forth with the computers.
  • In this performance tier we can store the most used files as well as store the Metadata information. This accelerates I/O as well as data services (dedupe, compression, snapshots, etc.) It also makes drive rebuilds 50% – 70% faster.

Resilient Hardware Design:

  • Multiple paths to host
  • Active/Active Controllers
  • Enterprise-grade SSDs or Hybrid Drives
  • Fully redundant hardware Hot-Plug components

Data Security:

  • Use of Inline 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest on the flash and hard disk.
  • All drives are FIPS 140-2 Validated using Self-Encrypting drives that distribute the encryption process, so it does not impact the performance of an array.
  • Key management that is embedded into the system so that it completely transparent to the end users and administrators.

Data Integrity:

  • Ensure that the data being store and requested has not be modified in anyway. To do this one way is to write a checksum value for every piece of piece of data written into the Array. And then that data is written again using parity algorithms. As data is read from the disk array, the checksum is validated and if the checksum matches it is passed back to the host. But if it doesn’t the data is rebuilt from parity and then sent back up to the host. Assuring that no corruption occurs in the system.

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