What Types of Clients Does Carrier Access Managed IT Services Support?

February 22, 2021

CAIT managed IT services tailors support for medium to enterprise-sized businesses. The skillset and tools needed to support a 10-user client and a 1000-user client vary greatly, but on average, our clients have somewhere between 100 to several thousand users. 

When we narrow our support to a specific size client, it allows for us to utilize the best and most efficient tools required to provide a exceptional service. It also allows us to train our team of engineers on the technology that clients require, and hire staff with the skillset needed to support clients of those sizes. 

While CAIT isn't vertical or industry siloed from the terms or types of industries we support, CAIT does have multiple clients in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.  We want to build relationships and form true partnerships with clients who recognize IT as an investment in their business. 

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